Rakhi Pancholi

Rakhi Pancholi

MLA For Edmonton-Whitemud

Children's Services Critic


Ph: 780-413-5970



Rakhi Pancholi knows first-hand what matters most to the citizens of Edmonton-Whitemud. As someone who grew up in South Edmonton, and is now raising her own family there, Rakhi is proud to represent her community as their MLA.

Rakhi has been deeply involved in the Alberta education system throughout her career. As a lawyer, she has experience working with the Alberta School Boards Association and was the senior legislative consultant for Alberta Education. As an MLA she continues to advocate for Alberta students and families and what needs to be done to make their lives life better.

Rakhi has also been very involved in a number of volunteer organizations in Edmonton, including ParityYEG, the Humane Animal Rescue Team, the National Education Program Committee, and the Women’s Legal Education & Action Fund. She has also volunteered her services as a lawyer, providing legal advice to low-income clients.

Rakhi lives in South Edmonton with her husband, two children and two rescue dogs. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta, and a law degree from the University of Toronto.