Alberta’s New Democrat Caucus is focused on creating new jobs and opportunities, building on traditional economic strengths, diversifying markets and products, and increasing accountability and responsible public fiscal management.

We work every day to ensure that all Albertans can enjoy a resilient economy with good paying jobs and public services that are well-managed and efficiently financed. We are shaping a society that cares for all Albertans.

Your MLA’s role is to direct you to the people most qualified to address your concerns and if attempts to resolve your issue have been unsuccessful, your MLA will advocate for you. They do this through public meetings, day-to-day contact and local media forums; gathering information from as many constituents as possible. Your MLAs will then discuss the issue in private meetings, called caucus meetings, with other New Democrat MLAs.  Caucus members decide as a group what their position will be.

MLAs may also serve on various committees, called Committees of the Legislative Assembly, which are made up of MLAs from all parties. During session all MLAs meet as a committee to study the details of proposed laws and spending programs. You can find more information about committees on the Legislative Assembly of Alberta website.