Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP Caucus are a diverse team from across our province who are committed to presenting positive, progressive solutions to the challenges faced by Alberta families and businesses.

As the Official Opposition, we also hold the current government accountable for its failure to grow the economy, protect families, and meet the ethical standards Albertans demand.

We believe in building a strong and diversified economy that creates good jobs to support families. We believe in strong public healthcare, public education, and post-secondary institutions that make Alberta an irresistible place to raise a family or start a business. We believe Alberta must commit to becoming North America’s renewable energy powerhouse and reach a net-zero goal by 2050.

Our Members of the Legislative Assembly can assist you in accessing provincial government services, and can advocate on your behalf. Members also scrutinize specific areas of the government based on their Critic roles, and frequently speak out publicly when the government has failed Albertans.

Please reach out to one of our members’ offices if you need assistance or if you are aware of a situation that requires more public attention.