Posted on Oct 19, 2017

Why is Jason Kenney’s PAC taking money from out-of-province corporations?

For immediate release
October 19 2017

EDMONTON – In reports released last night, Jason Kenney’s PAC the “Alberta Advantage Fund” took hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate contributions – including two from companies from BC and Manitoba.[1] The question remains what promises Kenney has made to get these big out-of-province donations.

Jason Kenney’s PAC took $20,000 from Waiward Steel GP Corp, a company 100% owned by a BC-based investment company and headquartered in Vancouver.

Jason Kenney’s PAC also took $10,000 from Qualico West, a company 100% owned and operated by a Manitoba company and headquartered in Winnipeg.

The first bill of this Legislature, Bill 1, passed unanimously by all parties in June 2015, banned corporate and union donations. It also banned out-of-province donations entirely.

Jason Kenney’s PAC is taking big money from out of province to get around the spirit of Bill 1. He should return the $30,000 and stop taking any more out-of-province money.


[1] Elections Alberta, October 18 2017.