Posted on Jul 26, 2017

UCP Leader must clarify extreme comments on abortion

­­For Immediate Release
July 26, 2017

EDMONTON – The ‘Lake of Fire’ burning in the United Conservative Caucus got hotter today, as comments recently uncovered show that UCP Leader Nathan Cooper was a public advocate for defunding abortion services in Canada and removing the right to have an abortion from millions of Canadian women.

In an interview on September 10, 2009, Nathan Cooper, then assistant to the executive director of Canada Family Action, stated, “Obviously we are opposed to abortion at any portion in the pregnancy process.”[1] He is also noted saying he and Canada Family Action “would like to see abortion not made legal.”[2]

In the same interview Nathan Cooper also declared, “If you want to choose to kill your baby, it’s offensive to me that I should be partly responsible to pay for you to make that choice.”[3]

On Monday Nathan Cooper was selected by the PC and Wildrose Caucuses to represent the public face of the UCP to Albertans.

He needs to immediately clarify if he still holds these same extreme views about Albertans’ reproductive rights.


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