Posted on Aug 1, 2017

Reality Check: Do Kenney and Jean endorse UCP Board’s extreme views?

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August 1, 2017

EDMONTON – Jason Kenney and Brian Jean need to clarify whether they agree with the extreme views coming from the UCP Board members that they handpicked to build the UCP and write its policies.

A review shows that the UCP Board members hold worrying views about everything from social services to the rights of LGBTQ+ Albertans:

Andy Crooks (Leadership Election Committee Member) – Who compared social services helping Albertans in need to feeding wild animals in parks.[1]

Clyde Corser (UCP Policy Committee Member) – Warned that LGBTQ+ policies are welcoming “family damaging ideologies into the hallways of our schools and the minds of our K-12 children.”[2]

Tim Dyck (UCP Policy Committee Member) – Declared that tougher restrictions on drunk-driving were a “nanny-state pet project” that “will limit our freedom”[3]

Peter McCaffrey (UCP Policy Committee Member) – Who compared equal marriage to legalizing polygamy.[4]

Len Thom (UCP Interim Board) – Who warned that updating Alberta’s curriculum would turn Alberta children into Nazis.[5]

With these extreme views forming the founding of the UCP’s policies and values, it is clear that the UCP is more extreme than any of its legacy parties.



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