Posted on Mar 6, 2018

UCP hopeful Scott Winograd highlights extreme views - Will Kenney sign his papers?

CANMORE- Newly-registered UCP hopeful Scott Winograd has been showcasing extreme views on social issues, showing that the UCP continues to have the wrong priorities.


Winograd registered with Elections Alberta to compete for a UCP nomination. So far he has shared his views on climate change, abortion, and trans rights in a series of tweets March 6. He was in the media most recently when UCP MLAs appeared with him to announce the closure of his restaurant, the Bear's Den. 


On climate change, Winograd stated, “I do not deny the climate is changing, it has been doing so for billions of years and will continue to do so for billions more”.[1] This followed a tweet to the Edmonton Journal concerning agriculture and climate change, where Winograd wrote, “Hey @edmontonjournal, look outside! #fakenews”[2]


Winograd shared a transphobic message and anti-abortion message and followed it, in an exchange with NDP MLA Cam Westhead, stating, “In nursing school, were you taught that men can give birth? Have u delivered a baby from a man?”[3] He also asked, “As a nurse, have you delivered a premature baby? Would you call that a human or just a bundle of cells? Did the premature baby grow to become a person?”[4]


The UCP repeatedly signals extreme positions on social issues, reigniting debates that Albertans left behind decades ago. The question remains: Will UCP Leader Jason Kenney will allow Mr. Winograd - and candidates like him - to carry the UCP banner? 


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