Posted on Mar 12, 2018

'The heart of Canada’s economy': according to Kenney, it’s Ontario

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March 12, 2018

Kenney calls for his “fellow Ontario Conservatives” to unite behind new leader

EDMONTON - While Rachel Notley is fighting for pipelines, Jason Kenney went to Toronto to praise Ontario’s economy, and then called on his “fellow Ontario Conservatives” to unite behind their new leader.

In his speech to the PC Ontario Party on Saturday, Kenney said Ontario was “the heart of Canada’s economy.”[1] He forgot that Alberta, per capita, has the highest GDP in Canada, more than 35 per cent higher than the national average, while Ontario’s GDP per capita is lower than the national average.[2]

Kenney also referred to delegates at the Ontario PC convention as “my fellow Ontario conservatives”[3] when he called on them to unite around their new leader.

Kenney had an opportunity to share Alberta’s pipeline message with Eastern Canadians, but didn’t even mention it. The minute Kenney left Alberta, he backed down on the pipeline fight.

As the new leader of Alberta’s opposition, it’s time for Kenney to straighten out his priorities: get off Team Ontario, and get onboard with Team Alberta.


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