Posted on Mar 2, 2018

Kenney offside with UCP MLAs – and evidence – on safe consumption sites

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March 2, 2018

EDMONTON - By opposing the medical evidence that safe consumption sites save lives, UCP leader Jason Kenney has also rejected the views of his own MLAs.

In a Lethbridge Herald article titled “Kenney opposes consumption sites,” Kenney opposed the life-saving medical treatment facilities. He mischaracterized them by stating, “Helping addicts inject poison into their bodies is not a solution to the problem of addiction.”[1]

UCP MLAs have spoken out about safe consumption sites in the past: Former UCP MLA Rick Fraser said, “This caucus does support safe injection sites. The hon. Member for Calgary-West (Mike Ellis) supported those initiatives as a police officer. All the other tools that we used and are using now are important.”[2]

A Calgary Herald article outlined UCP MLA Mike Ellis’ position: “He isn't opposed to the idea of safe consumption sites, but they also need to contain other services to help drug users end their addiction." [3]

UCP MLA Brian Jean, while calling the sites “controversial,” did not oppose them.[4]

Jason Kenney’s priorities are offside with Albertans, and it seems, with his own caucus.


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