Posted on Jul 6, 2017

“There will be pain”: Wildrose’s Fildebrandt admits conservatives are lying about cuts

EDMONTON – After years of lies, Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt finally admitted yesterday conservatives plan to cut frontline services to Albertans.

Fildebrandt serves as his party’s Shadow Finance minister. He told radio host Ryan Jespersen on 630 CHED, “There will be pain. And I think that as conservatives, if we’re telling you that there will be no effect on services, we’re not being straightforward.  There will be effects.”  The audio of this clip is attached. 

The Wildrose said the exact opposite in a news release on March 17. Fildebrandt stated the spending reductions the Wildrose proposed will “protect front-line services.” [1]

Wildrose leader Brian Jean said last week he plans for $7 billion in cuts from the current budget. $7 billion in cuts means bigger classrooms, longer waitlists, and crumbling infrastructure.

Pretending a $7 billion cut would have no impact was a lie, as Fildebrandt has made clear.



[1] March 17: