Posted on Jun 20, 2017

Reality Check: Would Jason Kenney pass his own smell test?

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June 20, 2017

EDMONTON – PC Leader Jason Kenney says he won’t allow candidates for his party to run for office if they make “bozo eruptions.”[1]  Would the following statements pass his own smell test?


  • Said “Education will be the toughest to cut, but it will also be the most important.”[2]

LGBTQ2S rights:

  • Said gays can marry, but just not each other: “Marriage is open to everybody as long as they're a man and a woman.”[3]


  • Said “We all know climate change exists because it's a natural part – the climate's been changing since the beginning of time, right?”[4]


  • Called it “pre-natal murder.”[5]


  • Said it’s a program to “engineer social outcomes”[6] and he “personally believes children need a parent at home.”[7]


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