Posted on Jun 14, 2017


­­For immediate release
June 14, 2017

EDMONTON – Jason Kenney has some explaining to do about why he’s dismissed teachers and their concerns about Alberta education so often.  Let’s take a look at his record.

June 13, 2017: Jason Kenney blasted teachers after local Rocky View teachers encouraged members to think about getting involved with Alberta conservative politics. As a result:

  • Kenney said teachers were trying to “hijack the process”[1]
  • Kenney’s spokesperson said teachers were trying to “subvert”[2] and “kibosh”[3] unity
  • Kenney’s campaign said teachers were trying to “scuttle”[4] the unite-the-right deal

All of these statements make it clear he does not welcome teachers in his party.

May 26, 2017: PC President Len Thom said teachers could turn children into Hitler Youth.[5]

December 1, 2016: Kenney called teachers an “interest group” that should stop driving their “political agendas” and “pedagogical fads” in the curriculum re-write.[6]

September 28, 2016: Kenney called a long-planned curriculum review that involves teachers’ input a “radical ideological agenda” and “social engineering”.[7]

May 30, 2016: Kenney said teachers hardwire students “with collectivist ideas, with watching Michael Moore documentaries, with identity politics from their primary and secondary schools”[8]

One question for Jason Kenney: why do you fear teachers?