Posted on Jun 21, 2017

Reality Check: Would these bozo eruptions make it through Kenney’s vetting test?

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June 21, 2017

EDMONTON – PC Leader Jason Kenney says he will undertake “rigorous” vetting for candidates for the next election for any “bozo eruptions” in their past. We thought we’d give him a little head start with incumbent MLAs.


MLA Drew Barnes
Denied climate change, and funded a film questioning the science.

MLA Grant Hunter
Called union members “thugs” and attended rally that called for the defunding of abortion.

MLA Ric McIver
In his newsletter, he wrote health care services for persons with disabilities are “giveaways.”

MLA Dave Rodney
Called for consequences for three female public officials for their views. His supporters replied with imprisonment or tar and feathering.

MLAs diminishing the severity of the Holodomor genocide
Nine Wildrose MLAs (Rick Strankman, Grant Hunter, Dave Schneider, Wes Taylor, Ron Orr, Mark Smith, Dave Hanson, Don MacIntyre and Drew Barnes) compared the province’s climate leadership plan to the Ukrainian genocide Holodomor.

If Kenney has already greenlit these MLAs as candidates, what kind of bozo eruption would they need to make to be denied candidacy in the United Conservative Party?