Posted on Sep 19, 2017

Reality Check: Will Jason Kenney bring Derek Fildebrandt back into the UCP Caucus?

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September 19, 2017

EDMONTON – Does Derek Fildebrandt’s endorsement of Jason Kenney come with a promise to bring him back in the UCP caucus? This week, Fildebrandt endorsed Kenney for UCP leader in his first public appearance after a string of controversies and said he hoped to be back in caucus soon.

In his endorsement, Fildebrandt said Kenney “taught me a lot,”[1] and hoped Kenney would allow him back into the UCP.  Fildebrandt called sitting as an independent “not the best status” and hoped his time out from the UCP would only be temporary.

“It's up to Jason Kenney to say whether he'd let Fildebrandt back into their caucus or not," said Heather Sweet, MLA Edmonton-Manning and NDP Caucus chair. “What assurances will Kenney require of Fildebrandt before he lets him back in?”

After Fildebrandt’s string of controversies, will Jason Kenney welcome him back into the UCP caucus?


[1] Brooks Bulletin, September 19 2017, A2.