Posted on Sep 20, 2017

Reality Check: Where does UCP MLA Hunter Stand on Same-Sex Marriage?

EDMONTON – After sharing – then removing – an article criticizing his former leader Brian Jean’s newfound support of same-sex marriage, UCP MLA Grant Hunter must inform Albertans where he stands on the issue. 

The article Hunter has since removed stated of the former Wildrose leader, “Jean has stated that people who oppose same-sex marriage have no place in his party.” Hunter wrote he shared the article “to help conservative Albertans make an informed decision in this leadership race.” He added, “The article says that Brian is sending a duplicitous message to Albertans. I see that Brian is doing this and wanted to share this with Albertans so that they can decide.”

Hunter later deleted his post, which was screen captured, after commenters started to ask Hunter about his stance on same-sex marriage.

What is the “duplicitous message” Grant Hunter is alleging? Does he agree with the author of the article he shared, that supporting same-sex marriage is wrong?