Posted on Sep 11, 2017

Reality Check: UCP leadership contest takes another hard right turn

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September 11, 2017

EDMONTON – UCP leadership candidate and former Wildrose Leader Paul Hinman launched his leadership campaign by calling for a hard right turn to social conservativism.

In recorded phone calls to UCP members on the weekend, Hinman pledged that he would stand up for social conservative values[1] and called on his website for the defense of “conscience rights,”[2] a term often used as a dog whistle to mean restricting access to contraception, abortion and medical assistance in dying. 

On abortion, Hinman called for a referendum to limiting funding for abortion as recently as last year.[3] A position promoted by UCP caucus leader Nathan Cooper held the same position on defunding abortion services as recently as 2009.[4]

On GSAs, Hinman shares Jason Kenney’s position on outing kids who join the school clubs.[5]

As an MLA, Hinman fought same-sex marriage, stating that marriage commissioners faced “religious persecution”[6] for performing these marriages.

The UCP caucus must clarify whether they share or will condemn the extreme views of their newest leadership candidate.



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