Posted on Sep 26, 2017

Reality Check – Does the UCP accept their endorsement from extreme social conservatives?

EDMONTON – The UCP received a formal endorsement from a social conservative organization that once employed their interim leader as a lobbyist on social issues the UCP still waffles on, including conversion therapy for vulnerable LGBTQ youth and outlawing abortions.

In a video called “Let’s do a solid for our friends in Alberta”, UCP leader Nathan Cooper’s former employer, the social conservative Canada Family Action lobby group, encouraged its supporters to buy United Conservative Party memberships and vote in the UCP leadership race.[1] Cooper himself is still prominently featured on the group’s website above links to organizations that oppose GSAs, call for the “prevention of homosexuality,” oppose the use of condoms, and fight abortion rights.[2]

Canada Family Action has a history of pushing for extreme social conservative policies, especially while employing Cooper to host a radio show that included guests who attacked LGBTQ rights. [3]  The lobby group supports LGBTQ conversion therapy[4] and has called for the end of legal abortions[5].

Will the UCP caucus accept this endorsement and membership drive from this extreme social conservative group, which calls its endorsement “doing a solid” for the UCP?

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