Posted on Nov 7, 2017

Reality Check: UCP’s opposition to Bill 24 based on alternative facts

For immediate release
November 7 2017

EDMONTON – UCP leader Jason Kenney made repeated false statements based on alternative facts at this morning’s press conference as he announced the UCP’s unanimous opposition to Bill 24.  The Bill would protect children who join GSAs.

  • He incorrectly stated GSAs teach “curriculum” in schools to the students who join the clubs.
  • He falsely claimed GSAs “teach sensitive subjects.”
  • He misleadingly claimed there are currently GSAs for kindergarten students in schools.

He also admitted he and the UCP caucus members did not speak with a single LGBTQ2S student who attends a GSA since the legislation was introduced.

What have Albertans said about protecting children who join GSAs?

  • Ace Peace, a student who attends a GSA: “Some kids don't feel safe to come out...for these kids sometimes GSAs are the only safe place they have.”[1]
  • Mia Soetaert, co-founder of Outloud St. Albert: “They say they can’t tell their parents or they’ll be kicked out. … It’ll give kids a sense of security.”[2]
  • Paula Galenzoski, chair of the Fort McMurray Catholic School District: “If a person isn’t able to stay safe in their environment, then we’re failing big.”[3]


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