Posted on Nov 8, 2017

Reality Check: On GSAs, UCP more extreme than the Wildrose

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November 8 2017

EDMONTON – The UCP caucus is revealing they’re more extreme than their predecessors in the Wildrose when it comes to gay-straight alliances. The UCP caucus is fully opposed to Bill 24.

At the final Wildrose policy convention last year, the Wildrose party membership voted down a policy that their own MLA Derek Fildebrandt said would lead to outing gay kids.[1]

Former Wildrose MLA Jeff Wilson pleaded with UCP MLAs to support the bill, stating “I hope that UCP Caucus members don’t blindly follow their leader on Bill 24.  Use your voice and your vote to strike a balance. Follow your gut and stand up for these kids.”[2]

The UCP has been outed as more extreme than even the “Lake of Fire” Wildrose Party.


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