Posted on Nov 6, 2017

Divisions in UCP ranks over Bill 24: UCP MLAs taking sides for and against GSA bill

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November 6 2017

EDMONTON – UCP MLA Drew Barnes has come out in opposition to Bill 24, while MLA Leela Aheer applauded its introduction. It’s up to the UCP leader as well as the rest of the UCP caucus to say whether or not they support the bill that will protect children who join GSAs.

In an interview on the weekend with the Medicine Hat News, Barnes said he thinks the bill protecting children is not necessary. Barnes said, “I believe teachers should notify parents unless there is reason not to.”[1]

UCP MLA Leela Aheer, meanwhile, applauded the introduction of the bill by thumping on her desk.[2]

During the UCP leadership, Jason Kenney dodged the question repeatedly whether he would support the legislation to protect children. He said in March he was in favour of outing kids who join a GSA.[3]

He and the other 24 UCP MLAs must state whether they will support or oppose the bill.


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