Posted on Nov 14, 2017

Reality Check: UCP leader Jason Kenney spent weekend continuing to smear GSA bill

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November 14 2017

EDMONTON – Jason Kenney has been spreading false information about Bill 24, a bill to protect students who join GSAs. In an interview with Global News on November 12,[1] he made numerous false statements:

  1. Kenney said it’s “not at all clear” if teachers will be legally allowed to inform parents if a child’s safety is in danger at school. (1:42)

Fact check: wrong. Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation (Section ensures that teachers will notify a parent of any potential serious harm to the safety of children. Bill 24 does not change Alberta’s privacy legislation.

2. Kenney said teachers do not agree that the bill will improve safety for students. (2:17)

Fact Check: wrong. The Alberta Teachers’ Association and others have stated they support the bill and are encouraging all MLAs to support it.

3. Kenney said the bill would teach sexual education in “an alternative classroom”. (3:25)

Fact check: wrong. GSAs are not classrooms. There is no teaching of sexual education.

4. Kenney said the ATA said GSAs include “curriculum.” (4:10)

Fact check: wrong. The ATA guide is explicit that students in GSA clubs might want to advocate for improved curriculum, but the actual clubs do not involve any curriculum.

5. Kenney said the bill changes requirements for parental notification of sex ed teaching. (5:30)

Fact check: wrong. GSAs do not teach human sexuality.

Maybe it’s time Jason Kenney starts with getting his facts straight before speaking on legislation he apparently knows nothing about.



[1] Global News, September 12 2017.