Posted on Nov 15, 2017

Reality Check: Not a single UCP MLA votes to protect students from being outed

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November 15 2017

EDMONTON – The UCP MLAs followed through on their leader’s wishes and every single UCP MLA present voted against Bill 24, a bill that would protect children who attend gay-straight alliances.

At the final vote of third reading of Bill 24 this morning, the following MLAs voted against the Bill:

Nathan Cooper, Mike Ellis, Richard Gotfried, Jason Nixon, Wayne Anderson, Drew Barnes, Scott Cyr, Wayne Drysdale, Prabhdeep Gill, Dave Hanson, Grant Hunter, Todd Loewen, Don MacIntyre, Ric McIver, Ron Orr, Angela Pitt, Dave Schneider, Mark Smith, Pat Stier, Rick Strankman, Wes Taylor, Glenn van Dijken, and Tany Yao.

Four other UCP MLAs were not present for the vote: Leela Aheer, Brian Jean, Prasad Panda, and Wes Taylor.

Jason Kenney has said on multiple occasions[1] through the year that he was in favour of notifying parents if a child joins a GSA.[2]


[1] Calgary Herald, March 28 2017.

[2] Globe and Mail, September 29 2017.