Posted on Jun 8, 2017


For immediate release
June 8, 2017

EDMONTON – PC Leader Jason Kenney is on the verge of breaking his first campaign promise: to disclose all of his campaign donations.

In August 2016, Kenney’s campaign “pledged to release the names of donors to Unite Alberta.”[1] In October 2016, Kenney’s campaign spokesperson repeated that pledge, telling the Calgary Herald, “we will disclose donor information at the conclusion of the campaign.”[2] On March 18 2017, Kenney said he would share all of his campaign’s financial records.[3]

Kenney’s much-repeated campaign promise is now in question, as his campaign may not disclose all of their donations to Elections Alberta. The Calgary Herald reported yesterday:

“Because there was no legal obligation to report, but Kenney promised to do it, donors had to formally agree to disclose their contributions to Elections Alberta. Some refused. That likely means at least a few donors who gave more than $250, the limit for anonymous contributions, won’t be identified.”[4]

“The NDP’s Bill 1 banned corporate and union donations and Bill 35, the Fair Elections Financing Act, put strict limits on contributions and campaign expenditures of parties and candidates,” said Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill MLA Karen McPherson. “If Kenney breaks his campaign promise, Albertans will be in the dark whether Kenney’s campaign donations were all above board. Questions will remain whether out-of-province, international or corporate donations have made their way into Alberta politics.”

“Jason Kenney has to keep his promise to Albertans and disclose all of his campaign donations. Anything less would be an affront to the transparency and accountability Albertans expect,” said McPherson.


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