Posted on Nov 16, 2017

What’s Jason Kenney’s real plan for the minimum wage?

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November 16 2017

Jason Kenney needs to come clean about his real plan for the minimum wage.

On September 28, Kenney said,

“I’ve listened to employers including Restaurants Canada and the Chambers of Commerce who’ve told me they don’t think it’s realistic for a government or party to run on a platform to lower wages.”[1]

But on a telephone town hall last night, Kenney suggested a 40% rollback might be a good idea:

“We should be imaginative and take a look at variable ways of handling minimum wage. You know for example in Australia they recognize that a first time employee at the age of 16 doesn’t have the same experience or value frankly in the labour market as an experienced person who is maybe 26. And so they say that a 26-year old gets 100% of minimum wage and a 16-year old get 40% and it’s a graduated wage with age it goes up over time.”

It’s time for Jason Kenney to come clean on his real plan for the minimum wage.


[1] United Conservative Party’s Facebook. September 28 2017. 1:07:45.