Posted on Jul 21, 2017

Reality check: Kenney needs to release his legal opinion

For immediate release

July 21, 2017 

EDMONTON– PC leader Jason Kenney said he can’t release all of his political donations because a legal opinion says it would violate Alberta privacy laws. He needs to release that legal opinion and be transparent with Albertans. 

In July 2016, Kenney told Albertans he would release donation records. When people gave money to Kenney’s “Unite Alberta” organization, they did so knowing that their donation information would be released.[1] They also knew the Kenney campaign had publicly stated that the donations would meet Elections Alberta rules for who is allowed to donate and at what amount.[2]

Kenney has failed to release more than three quarters of donations above $250, received through the “Unite Alberta” company. No one besides Kenney’s insiders knows how this money was spent or whether it all came from Alberta residents.

Kenney refuses to tell Albertans who he's working for, but it's certainly not them. 


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[2] Calgary Herald, October 26 2016.