Posted on Jul 19, 2017

Reality check: Kenney broke his promise to Albertans

EDMONTON– PC leader Jason Kenney promised to disclose all of his campaign donations, but he’s now officially broken that promise.

More than $389,000 of the donations to Kenney’s Unite Alberta PAC have been hidden from Albertans. That makes up 77% of the donations he claims he received. No one from Elections Alberta or any third party has ever reviewed these donations to see if they are in line with the Elections Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act.

On October 26 2016, Kenney’s campaign spokesperson said, “we will disclose donor information at the conclusion of the campaign.”[1] They’ve now broken that promise.

Kenney has also not shown Albertans how he spent a single cent of that campaign money.

Why did Kenney break his promise to Albertans, and what is he hiding?



[1] Calgary Herald, October 26 2016.