Posted on Aug 4, 2017

Reality Check: Kenney and Jean need to be honest with Albertans on Climate Leadership

EDMONTON – Both Jason Kenney and Brian Jean have failed to engage honestly with Albertans about how their policies to eliminate the climate leadership plan will hurt Albertans.

By pricing carbon Alberta has been able to invest in projects and programs they wouldn’t be able to otherwise fund or deliver.

Kenney and Jean need to come clean on whether they plan to deliver projects like the Green Line LRT, the Residential Solar Program, the Residential Retail Product Program, the Carbon Levy Rebate Program and many more.

Each of these have contributed to creating jobs, and improving the lives of Albertans, while making Alberta an international leader in climate policy.

Refusing to discuss their plans for these programs when promising to kill the climate leadership plan is a failure of leadership. Both Kenney and Jean need to start engaging honestly about how their agendas will hurt Albertans and damage our economy.