Posted on Jun 29, 2017

NDP calls on Wildrose to release their plan to cut $7 billion

For immediate release
June 29, 2017

EDMONTON – Today at a press conference, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said he would cut $7 billion from services Albertans rely on.

Jean was responding to the audited Annual Report of the Province of Alberta. While speaking about a Wildrose deficit, Jean said, “I would suggest it would be somewhere in the neighbourhood of between 3 to 5 billion dollars.”

That amounts to cutting upwards of $7 billion from the provincial budget this year alone, an unprecedented amount. He owes it to Albertans to show exactly what they’d cut.

Given they have the consolidated financial statements in front of them, there’s nothing stopping the Wildrose from telling Albertans exactly where they’d cut $7 billion.

$7 billion is roughly the size of the entire Education budget. Cutting $7 billion would mean closed schools, overcrowded emergency rooms and hurt Alberta’s economic recovery caused by the drop in the price of oil.

It’s time for Jean to release a detailed plan to Albertans.