Posted on Jun 22, 2017

Reality Check: What counts as a bozo eruption? Wonder Kenney’s supporters

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June 22, 2017

EDMONTON – When PC Leader Jason Kenney said he’ll block candidates for the United Conservative Party if they’ve made “bozo eruptions,” he didn’t say what he thought a bozo eruption means. Kenney also hasn’t said whether he’ll be reviewing the comments he’s made or reviewing comments of current Wildrose and PC MLAs.

Since he has not explained what a bozo eruption is, his own supporters have questions.
Here are some from Kenney’s Facebook account[1]:  

  • “Mr. Kenney, are you planning to censor outspoken prolife candidates?”
  • “What will the process consist of? Only perfect people who have had no controversy ever. Will the slate be full of weak kneed candidates?”
  • “But who decides what is acceptable? Is this only going to apply to homophobic comments or will it be used to reject candidates that have legitimately different views on an issue than the leadership?”
  • “The NDP and PCs seemed to support LGBTQs at the expense of traditional values. Where does the UCP stand?"


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