Posted on Jan 28, 2019


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January 28, 2019

CALGARY – Approximately 15,000 new Alberta students are expected to attend Alberta schools this fall but under Jason Kenney’s plan, those students won’t be greeted by a single new teacher.

At a recent speech, Jason Kenney admitted that he would freeze spending and not address the fact that Alberta’s population is growing.

“Fifteen thousand Alberta students will be starting one of the most important journey of their lives but Jason Kenney said he wouldn’t hire a single new teacher for them if he is elected,” said David Eggen, MLA for Edmonton-Calder. “Jason Kenney’s plan would sacrifice the future of 15,000 young Albertans—it’s not just mean, it’s reckless.”

Alberta schools are still recovering from the decades of Conservative mismanagement where Albertans saw jam-packed classrooms, no supports for special needs and skyrocketing school fees.

“Jason Kenney says he won’t find funds to hire new teachers for the 15,000 students but he has no problems finding $700 million in a tax giveaway for the wealthiest Albertans,” added Eggen. “I’m calling on all parents, teachers and those who value education in our province to join me and tell Jason Kenney that you won’t stand for this.”