Posted on Jan 17, 2019

Kenney's Plan for Tolls Exposed

EDMONTON- Jason Kenney has been caught advocating for tolls on roads and bridges. Albertans deserve to know how much Kenney’s tolls will cost them.

In September, Kenney lauded India for implementing tolls on their highways, stating, “I was learning how India is very successfully leveraging public-private partnerships including user pay systems in order to build a massive amount of new highways.”[1]

In November, in front of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, Kenney endorsed tolls roads again, stating, “Why not more public private partnerships in infrastructure, and even where necessary, user-pay?”[2]

Tolls could cost Albertans. A lot. In British Columbia, families driving over the Golden Ears and Port Mann toll bridges had to pay a toll of about $1,500 a year, while commercial drivers were stung with tolls on average of $4,500.[3] In Ontario, average commuters on Highway 407 pay a toll of more than 50 cents a kilometer to drive on the road, which can add up to thousands of dollars a year.[4]

Tolls aren’t welcome in Alberta. Jason Kenney needs to come clean with his plan for tolls.




[1] Media call back from Mumbai, India, September 20, 2018.

[2] (25:07)