Posted on May 10, 2018

After marching out of the Bill 9 debate, will the UCP join the March for Life?

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March 10 2018

EDMONTON – Today the March for Life will kick off at the Alberta Legislature. Will the United Conservatives play as big a role as they have in the past? 

Despite the claims of the UCP that they wouldn’t legislate on abortion, their actions tell a far different story:

In 2017 Drayton Valley-Devon MLA Mark Smith attended the March for Life.[1]

UCP Leader Jason Kenney has been a frequent attendee and speaker at Marches for Life in the past. At a 2004 March in Ottawa, Kenney rejected the idea that a politician can personally object to abortion “If they say they're personally opposed to abortion but they don't want to impose their opposition on society, ask them if they're personally opposed to child abuse, ask them if they're personally opposed to slavery."[2]

At the convention on Sunday the United Conservatives endorsed a policy that the anti-choice Wilberforce Project stated “would result in parental notification being required for an abortion.”[3] Another policy proposed but not voted on would have gone towards defunding abortion.

The UCP walked out of the debate on bubble zones and so far have skipped 6 votes on the bill.

Will the UCP continue their track record of standing up against women’s health care by joining the March for life?





[2] Babych Art. (May 24, 2004). Stem cell research targeted at rally. Western Catholic Reporter, pp 4