Posted on May 17, 2018

Jason Kenney doesn’t know where he stands on Kinder Morgan

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May 17, 2018

EDMONTON – Jason Kenney needs to stop changing positions on supporting the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

On April 8th Kenney told the media “I believe there is a need for the federal and provincial governments urgently to pursue with Kinder Morgan some form of financial partnership to diminish the risk to the shareholders.”[1]

On May 14th Kenney flipped his position to say that investing in Kinder Morgan is “the wrong way to go about it”.[2]

Kenney then flipped back the same day saying that investing in Kinder Morgan should be a last resort.[3]

While Jason Kenney continues to waffle on support for Kinder Morgan, the NDP Caucus remains focused and committed to doing everything necessary to get the Kinder Morgan Pipeline built. 


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