Posted on May 2, 2018

UCP walked out of debate on bubble zone legislation, but elect to debate anti-abortion policy at UCP convention

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May 2, 2018

EDMONTON- Edmonton Glenora MLA Sarah Hoffman called on UCP leader to "do his job" after a CBC report found anti-abortion policy is listed to be debated at the upcoming convention.[1]

"I was particularity shocked to learn the UCP are willing to debate important issues concerning women's health behind closed doors at their policy convention, but run from the very same debate in the house," said Hoffman.

Earlier this session, the NDP brought forward Bill 9 - legislation that would create a buffer zone around women's health clinics to protect patients, doctors and staff from harassment. 

"Rather than debate the legislation, the UCP left the chamber refusing to stand up for their constituents," Hoffman added.

While the UCP refuses to take a position on Bill 9, the party will consider policy number 477, which calls for a "review what procedures are defined as 'medically necessary' and remove non-compliant procedures from provincial insurance."[2]

The CBC report goes on to highlight efforts made by the anti-abortion group The Wilberforce Project to not only bring the resolution to the convention floor, but to also fund-raise for the UCP. 

"Jason Kenney needs to show up and do his job. That means show up for debate and vote on Bill 9," said Hoffman. 


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