Pension - To the Minister

That money is your retirement, earned during a lifetime of working hard to build Alberta: our economy, our public services, and our society.

Danielle Smith and the UCP government jammed through legislation to hijack public-sector pensions, and now they’re talking about interfering in the Canada Pension Plan!

Your Opposition Critic for Labour, MLA Christina Gray introduced a bill that would protect your CPP and return control of public-sector pensions back to the pension members.


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***PLEASE note: The name and contact information of the persons who sign this petition may be made available to the public if the petition is tabled in the Legislative Assembly.***

To: Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in the Legislature Assembled

We the undersigned residents of Alberta call on the Legislative Assembly to urge the Government to support legislation that would:

• Legally prevent any move to withdraw Alberta from the CPP against the wishes of thousands of Albertans.

• Reverse the changes made to public sector pension plans in Bill 22, giving back workers a say in their pension governance.

Please note that a response cannot be guaranteed.