Posted on Apr 3, 2018

Will Kenney distance himself from key political organizer, Raj Bhela?

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April 3, 2018

EDMONTON –UCP Leader Jason Kenney has yet to follow federal CPC Leader Andrew Sheer’s lead and distance himself from a Conservative operative facing allegations of being part of a cheque “kiting” scheme.

Late last week, the National Post exposed how Conservative political organizer Raj Bhela has been accused by TD Bank of being part of a fraudulent scheme of writing cheques he couldn’t cash, and has been evicted from the federal Conservatives.

Kenney has used Bhela’s political connections for years. He campaigned with Bhela in the 2015 election at up to 15 events per day in metro Vancouver.[1][2] He introduced Bhela to Andrew Scheer in 2017.[3] Kenney has shared photos with Bhela numerous[4] times[5]. Kenney features prominently on Bhela’s Facebook account posing together as one of his featured photos.[6]

The Conservatives removed him as a volunteer after the story came to light. Will Jason Kenney distance himself from Bhela as well?


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