Posted on Apr 5, 2018

Does Kenney support repealing Bill 24? He certainly supports his friend challenging the bill

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April 5, 2018

EDMONTON –Now that UCP Leader Jason Kenney’s long-time ally John Carpay is challenging Bill 24, an Act to Support Gay-Straight Alliances, as a proxy for his friend, Kenney must state if he supports repealing the legislation.

Jason Kenney and John Carpay, the lawyer challenging Bill 24, have been long-time friends. As an invited guest to a forum hosted by Carpay last year[1], Kenney praised his friend for running “two good organizations” and supported his social conservative lawsuits that “defend people’s rights.” He asked the audience to back Carpay’s legal fights, because “he needs a bit of an income and he needs to hire other lawyers and people to do this important work to stand up for our rights.”[2] That
“important work” last spring was representing two schools opposed to gay-straight alliances.[3] 

Carpay’s obsessive opposition to LGBTQ2S issues is long-standing. He stated in 1994 he is “totally opposed to the homosexual political agenda.”[4] He has spent his career fighting LGBTQ2S rights, from calling the Pride rainbow flag “controversial, contentious and divisive”[5] to defending a man who distributed homophobic literature across a Saskatchewan university campus.[6]

Jason Kenney came out swinging against Bill 24 before he was even an MLA, after a widely-panned position to out kids who join GSAs. Would he repeal Bill 24 if he had a chance?  


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