Posted on Mar 19, 2018

UCP paid lip-service to rural crime victims, voted against action to fight rural crime

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March 19, 2018

EDMONTON – The UCP caucus claimed repeatedly they want more resources in the justice system to fight rural crime, but voted against additional funding at the first opportunity.

Jason Kenney, UCP Leader:

Said only two weeks ago he’d support more funds to fight crime, “I’m a fiscal conservative, but you’ve got to make choices, and responsibility No. 1 as a government is public safety.”[1] His caucus voted against the additional funds for law enforcement.

Mike Ellis, UCP critic for Solicitor General:

Said a year ago, “I have been a huge proponent of making sure that we have the funds available for the crown prosecutors so that they can do their job.”[2] The UCP caucus voted against additional funds for crown prosecutors.

Angela Pitt, UCP critic for Justice:

Said, “There’s definitely a shortage in resources across the province.”[3] The UCP caucus voted against the additional funds.

Jason Nixon, UCP House Leader:

Said on his Facebook account that court system capacity is the root of the problem.[4] He admitted the government has put more resources into the system,[5] but a day later the UCP caucus voted against the additional funds.

The UCP can’t have it both ways. They can’t call for additional resources to fight crime and then vote against it.


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