Posted on Mar 16, 2018

UCP ‘climate change denier’ caucus grows again

EDMONTON – Another UCP MLA has denied manmade climate change, and it’s time for Jason Kenney to own his caucus’ position or denounce it. 

UCP MLA Angela Pitt wrote to a constituent, in an email shared on social media, “Climate changes all the time. Co2 has very little impact on temperature changes. The science has changed on this topic many times.”[1] Jason Kenney has similarly stated, “Co2 is not pollution.”[2]

Pitt doubted scientific evidence and the media, stating, “The data that is largely reported on in the media and by government isn’t the whole truth.” She also wrote, “there is evidence that some climate scientists have been discredited ie the NASA scientist.”

Jason Kenney told reporters this week, “I haven’t heard anybody say that in my caucus so… ask me when if and when it does, okay?”[3]

Jason Kenney must make it clear, does his caucus believe climate change is real?



[1] Twitter. March 16 2018.

[2] Twitter. March 29 2016.

[3] Legislative Assembly scrum. March 14 2018.