Posted on Apr 6, 2017

The Wildrose just flip-flopped on GSAs, again.

April 6, 2017

For Immediate Release

The Wildrose just flip-flopped on GSAs, again.

EDMONTON – Wildrose Education Critic Mark Smith gave a prepared statement today, criticizing the government for not outing gay kids, in an apparent reversal of his leader’s supposedly final position on the issue.

“The Wildrose aren’t supporting the rights of LGBTQ+ youth. They’ve had a different position every single day this week,” said NDP MLA Michael Connolly. “Albertans are asking, ‘Just what does Brian Jean stand for?’, and I can’t blame them. Let’s see where they end up tomorrow.”


  • Monday, April 3: Wildrose Leader Brian Jean says PC Leader Jason Kenney is wrong, LGBTQ+ kids should never be outed.
  • Tuesday, April 4: Jean tells the Calgary Sun that there are some occasions when it is ok for LGBTQ+ kids to be outed.
  • Wednesday, April 5: Jean tells press that LGBTQ+ kids should never be outed, end of story.
  • *Thursday, April 6: Wildrose Education Critic Mark Smith gives a prepared statement in which he criticizes the government for NOT outing LGBTQ+ kids.

“Meanwhile some people are asking themselves where the person who started all of this is – where is Jason Kenney?” said Connolly.

Jason Kenney:

  • March 28: PC Leader Jason Kenney says LGBTQ+ kids should be outed. 
  • March 29: Kenney says he never said LGBTQ+ kids should be outed.
  • March 30: Kenney campaigner Stockwell Day defends Kenney’s position to out LGBTQ+ kids on national television.
  • March 31: Kenney’s views make international headlines.
  • April 1: Boy George and Perez Hilton condemn Kenney’s views.
  • March 29-April 6: Kenney goes silent.

“I think Kenney is more than happy to let the Wildrose take the hit for his position – but that’s not leadership. Albertans expect more,” said Connolly.


Media Contact: Eric Rice, Communications Officer, Alberta NDP Caucus, 780-644-1516


Mark Smith Members’ Statement, April 6:

 “The actions of this government are very worrisome. […] The Minister has ordered schools not to inform parents under any circumstance if their children attend a GSA as if he believes the government is the guardian of those children.”