Posted on Apr 10, 2017

REALITY CHECK: “Where's Kenney Hiding?” Asks NDP

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April 10, 2017


EDMONTON – Almost two weeks after deliberately stirring up controversy about GSAs, Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney has been conspicuously absent from the debate his comments triggered.  

NDP MLA Michael Connolly says it raises the question, “Where’s Kenney hiding?”

“While Mr. Kenney has gone dark, Wildrose Brian Jean has been on the hot seat flip-flopping all over the place on GSAs taking three different positions in less than 72 hours,” said Connolly.  “I know Mr. Kenney refuses to seek a seat in the Legislature, but that’s no excuse for going into hiding.”

Connolly said that the public deserves answers from Mr. Kenney on GSAs and a number of other important questions that have arisen since he ran for cover, including:

  1. Does Mr. Kenney stand by his comments that parents should be notified if their children join a GSA?
  2. If elected Premier, what specific steps will Mr. Kenney take to force schools to abide by his order?
  3. How does Mr. Kenney reconcile his belief in “small government” with his heavy-handed intrusion into peoples’ lives?
  4. What other positions is he hiding from the public on fundamental issues of rights and equality?
  5. Is this the “hide and seek from the media” approach we can expect from Mr. Kenney, the same approach Harper used to avoid answering important questions?

“It’s my hope that Mr. Kenney will do the right thing, emerge from wherever it is he is holding fort, and answer these questions,” said Connolly.



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Maureen Mariampillai

Communications Officer, Alberta NDP Caucus