Posted on Mar 6, 2017

REALITY CHECK: Wildrose Plan Would Eliminate New Jobs

CALGARY: Calgary [Mackay-Nose Hill] MLA Karen McPherson is calling on the opposition to explain why they want to put an end to new jobs for Albertans. Today Wildrose critic Don MacIntyre suggested that government should scrap its new energy efficiency program and scrap alongside it all the good, new diversified jobs that come with it.

“These energy efficiency programs create good jobs in construction and energy services and grow future-ready industries such as solar generation,” said McPherson. “The Wildrose’s own press release includes a link to a job posting that shows 189 Albertans have already applied to some of these jobs. In a tough economy it's astounding and a disappointment that the Wildrose wants to prevent the creation of any new job."

While the opposition wants to make things worse, the government is focused on the things that matter to Albertans, creating good jobs and diversifying the economy. Alberta's NDP government is making life more affordable by introducing programs like the energy efficiency program and will continue to support policies and companies and that will put Albertans back to work.




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Eric Rice

Communications Officer, Alberta NDP Caucus