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Posted on Mar 14, 2017

New Private Member’s Bill to eliminate Daylight Saving Time; Start Alberta Standard Time

Photo of MLA Thomas Dang

March 14, 2017

Edmonton – After consulting with Albertans, Thomas Dang, MLA for Edmonton South West introduced Bill 203: Alberta Standard Time Act in the Legislature today to amend the Daylight Saving Time Act to provide the stability for parents, families, employers and working Albertans are asking for.

“I’ve been hearing from families, parents with young children, and Albertans that stopping the practice of changing our clocks will make their lives better,” said MLA Dang. “The Alberta Standard Time Act creates one time zone for all Albertans, providing stability for families and making life better for Albertans.”

Nearly 26,000 Albertans provided input through the survey and hundreds more provided feedback through email, phone, and our in person town hall.

The results are clear, over 80 per cent of Albertans want one time year round. This includes parents of young children, who find it difficult to maintain a routine for the healthy development of their children; seniors, farmers and shift workers.

MLA Dang continues to look forward to what Albertans have to say on the matter which is why a new online feedback form has been launched to continue collecting data as this bill moves through the house. The website address is albertandpcaucus.ca/dst.



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Maureen Mariampillai

Communication Officer, Alberta’s NDP Caucus