Posted on Mar 25, 2021

Rakhi Pancholi, NDP Critic for Children’s Services, made the following statement:

“Funding for childcare spaces mentioned by the UCP government today is a re-announcement of federal money already announced last summer.


“Once again, there are no new provincial dollars invested in child care by the UCP government. This represents a lack of legitimate support from Jason Kenney in this critical area. This money was rushed out the door to save face before the government ends the successful $25-per-day pilot program introduced by the NDP next week.


“Tomorrow, I will stand with parents of children from across the province who were enrolled in the $25/day program and they will detail for Albertans just how devastating the loss of this program will be for them and their children.


“Let’s be clear - there is no economic recovery in Alberta without affordable childcare. Creating new spaces without addressing affordability shows the UCP does not understand what is needed to get Alberta parents back to work.”