Posted on Sep 6, 2017

Kenney Proposes 60% more dramatic cuts than was seen under Klein, Notley calls proposal “reckless”

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September 6, 2017

EDMONTON – UCP leadership candidate Jason Kenney told his supporters at a townhall last night that he wants to cut 20 per cent of the provincial budget, or nearly $11 billion in public services, which would leave seniors waiting for hospital beds, overflowing emergency rooms and crowded school classrooms.

When adjusted for population and inflation, this cut is 60 per cent larger than the infamous Klein cuts.

Premier Notley called the proposal “reckless”.

“In order to achieve a $10 billion savings you could cut K-12 funding in half, you could eliminate all post-secondary funding four times, you could eliminate all police funding and justice funding and close the courts and still be looking for more money. It is an extremely reckless idea – it would absolutely stop dead in its tracks the economic recovery that our government is proud to be leading right now,” said Notley.