Posted on May 1, 2021

David Shepherd, NDP Critic for Health, made the following statement today:

“Jason Kenney’s policy of acting last and acting least is a terrible failure. Alberta families, businesses, and essential frontline workers are paying the price.

“Today we saw 2,433 new COVID cases. That’s the highest total we’ve ever seen during this pandemic by a large margin, and more than a 21 per cent increase over yesterday. The three highest case counts of the pandemic in Alberta have all been in the last three days.

“We now have 22,504 active cases and an alarming number of regions in Alberta that lead the country in active cases per capita. 

“Earlier today, UCP MLA Angela Pitt, the deputy speaker, continued to put Albertans at increased risk by publicly opposing measures that slow the spread of the virus. Once again, Jason Kenney does not have the guts to eject MLAs from his government caucus despite their reckless and dangerous behaviour during a public health emergency.

“I’m also extremely concerned to see Jason Kenney’s friends promoting a large anti-mask gathering near Bowden this weekend, without any response from the premier. 

“This continued undermining of our public health measures will lengthen the pandemic, increase the number of Albertans who fall ill, and damage our economy even further.”