Posted on Jan 21, 2021


EDMONTON - The Alberta NDP shattered fundraising records by raising $2,322,490.38 in the fourth quarter bringing its 2020 total to $5,061,979.02. This was the party’s best non-election fundraising year in history. In the fourth quarter, the party reported 17,009 donors, 3859 of whom were first time donors.

“Albertans are rightly frustrated and angry with Jason Kenney,” Notley said. “Jason Kenney and the UCP failed to take action to control the second wave of COVID-19, they have done very little to support people and businesses throughout this pandemic, and they have no plan to recover our economy once this is all over.” 

Alberta’s NDP saw a surge in donations on the last day of the quarter after it was revealed that UCP Cabinet Ministers and MLAs traveled abroad during the holidays. That surge continued when Jason Kenney refused to hold those members accountable.

“This latest scandal aside, Albertans are telling us that they want better from their leaders, and Jason Kenney isn’t measuring up,” Notley said.

Jason Kenney’s UCP used a loophole to take federal subsidies in order to fund their party operations. Alberta’s NDP did not apply for the subsidy. Federal conservative leader Erin O’Toole slammed his predecessor’s decision to take the subsidy and promised to repay taxpayers as one of his first moves upon winning the party’s leadership.

“It’s not lost on Albertans that while Jason Kenney was helping himself to federal subsidies, he left $300 million on the table that was supposed to provide wage top-ups for essential workers,” said Notley.