Your pension belongs to YOU.

The Fight To Keep Jason Kenney’s Hands Off Your Pension Is Not Over

The UCP government ignored the voices of over 36,000 Albertans and killed Bill 203, which would have protected your pensions from Jason Kenney, but THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER.

Over 36,000 signed our petitions, over 3,400 Albertans emailed the Private Members Committee and demanded Bill 203 be debated in the Legislature, and over 15,000 emails were sent to the Minister of Finance in support of this bill. And just in case Jason Kenney still didn’t get the message NDP Labour Christina Gray printed every single one of the 36,000 submissions and hand delivered them to his office. Now, he has no excuse to learn what Albertan truly feel about him managing their pensions.

It is clear that Albertans do not want Kenney’s hand anywhere near their pensions and that is why we will continue to keep fighting. Any opportunity we have we will stand up for you and the rest of Alberta to stop Jason Kenney from pulling Alberta out of CPP and return public pension control back to their members, we will take.

But we still need your help!

We need you to add your voice to the thousands of Albertans that are against this UCP government’s take over of Albertans pension.

2. Email the Premier and the Minister of Finance to share your concerns.

36,000 emails have already been sent!

Protect My Pension!