Spring 2017 - Bill 3: Voluntary Blood Donations Act

Government is introducing legislation that will ban paying individuals for blood donations.

If it becomes law, the legislation will:

  • Ban payment to an individual donor;
  • Ban payment for blood donations advertising;
  • Exempt Canadian Blood Service, so they may carry on with existing practices;
  • Provide an exemption for blood given solely for the purpose of research; and
  • Provide for inspection and enforcement powers.




Key Points

Currently Canadian Blood Services collects plasma, but only has the capacity to create approximately 20% of the plasma products needed for Canada. They have indicated that the introduction of pay-for-plasma sites in other jurisdictions have decreased the amount of donations coming from volunteers.

Donor compensation may lead to a disconnected and fragmented national blood system. Without legislation there is also a risk that the voluntary blood donor pool that Canadian Blood Services relies upon to support our national blood system will be depleted. This may happen if donors are financially motivated to donate to a private collection clinic instead of donating voluntarily to Canadian Blood Services.

Canadian Blood Services was created to operate and manage the blood supply for the provinces and territories. Canadian Blood Services currently coordinates, collects, tests and processes blood components, and dispenses blood components and blood products to Canadian hospitals.


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