Fall 2018 - Bill 30: Mental Health Services Protection Act

The Mental Health Services Protection Act creates a new College of Counselling Therapy to regulate counselling professionals and protect the titles of counselling therapist, addiction counsellor, drug and alcohol counsellor and child and youth care counsellor. In addition, the title psychotherapist is protected for exclusive use by the new College of Counselling Therapy of Alberta, the College of Alberta Psychologists and the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta. 

Key Points

The Mental Health Services Protection Act:

  • requires all residential addiction treatment facilities to be licensed as of Nov. 1, 2019
  • requires these facilities to establish consumer protection standards such as having a consent policy and service contract that outlines what services will be provided, the costs and the process for dealing with complaints
  • gives government authority to address complaints and concerns and to amend, suspend or cancel an operating license
  • creates a new College of Counselling Therapy of Alberta under the Health Professions Act to regulate about 5,000 counselling therapists, addiction counsellors and child and youth care counsellors
  • protects the use of these professional titles and the title “psychotherapist”

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