Fall 2018 - Bill 26: An Act to Combat Poverty and Fight for Albertans with Disabilities

The legislation marks the first increase to AISH benefits since 2012. In future years, benefit rates for financial assistance programs, including AISH, Learners Benefits and Barriers to Full Employment supports, would be connected to the Consumer Price Index.

Nearly 250,000 Albertans receive support through AISH, Income Support or Seniors Benefits. If passed, the legislation would make Alberta one of only four jurisdictions that indexes disability and income support benefits, and one of only two that indexes seniors benefits with inflation.

Key Points

All Albertans deserve to live with dignity and have a chance to succeed.

For too long, Albertans with disabilities have struggled to pay rent and put food on the table.

This legislation not only provides better supports today, it ensures AISH clients and low income Albertans won’t need to fight to afford the basics tomorrow.

This legislation will increase benefit rates as of January 1 and index AISH and other financial assistance going forward.

This provides stability and certainty that as cost of living increases so too will benefit rates.


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